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- seminar now full; an additional seminar is organised for 2nd December 2016. Please see the separate web page for further details.



Advanced seminar for craniosacral practitioners

This workshop will draw on experiences and insights from a number of years of working with people who have chronic fatigue conditions, including ME/CFS, post viral fatigue and fibromyalgia. This client group has particular needs and negative treatment reactions are common, when severe relapses may risk progress. However, with greater understanding and specialist clinical skills, Craniosacral Therapy can be enormously helpful, and there is an ever-growing demand for practitioners who are able to work with these clients.

We will explore a theoretical illness model and recent medical research, to understand symptom patterns and treatment priorities in the context of autonomic nervous system dysregulation. We will discover how Craniosacral Therapy can best support recovery and share practical strategies and tools collated and developed in clinical practice. Many of these tools may also be valuable in working with other chronic conditions. Practical sessions will ground the discussions of theory, so that practitioners can feel confident in working skillfully with fatigue conditions.

The day will include:

  • Orienting to different client subgroups
  • Illness stages and changing treatment priorities
  • A theoretical illness model underpinned by psycho-neuro-endocrinology
  • Understanding complex symptom patterns and treatment abreactions
  • Specialist clinical skills, strategies and tools
  • The importance of pacing and active rest
  • The evolving role of the craniosacral practitioner through the recovery process.

Viola Sampson

Course Tutor:

Viola Sampson has assisted on both undergraduate and postgraduate Craniosacral seminars, and teaches postgraduate workshops in areas of special interest. She draws on her background in medical biosciences and neuroscience research, and is passionate about offering engaging and accessible course content that has a strong focus on practical application and individual professional development. Following her own recovery from 15 years of ME/CFS, Viola ran a specialist Craniosacral clinic for people with fatigue conditions for seven years. She now offers specialist clinical supervision to Craniosacral practitioners working with fatigue conditions.

Venue and Times:

Skylight Centre,
49 Corsica Street,
London N5 1JT
Nearest station: Highbury and Isington (Victoria Line and mainline).
From 9.30am - 6.00pm.


£100 if the payment is received before 13th May 2016, or £120 if received after this date. All fees are non-refundable. Please make cheques payable to CTET, or contact our administrator for bank details to make a transfer.

For further details and bookings, please contact:

Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust,
78 York Street,
London W1H 1DP
Tel: 020-7101 3915