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* OCTOBER 8TH - 11TH 2020 *



This very practical four-day course is designed to equip Craniosacral practitioners to work with babies, mothers and pregnancy in clinical practice. This important and rewarding area of practice requires a sensitivity to the field between the mother and baby, as well as a range of hands-on approaches. The ability to skilfully treat babies and pregnant women also rests on an understanding of the anatomical changes that place during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as having clarity around the process of birthing, and medical interventions and their possible repercussions. Information will be presented with consideration of the cycling of stress between the mother and baby, and how to apply skills in practice. There is an emphasis throughout on slowing the pace and developing a level of awareness necessary for working with clients during this very sensitive period. The course also comes with an extensive handbook full of useful information.

Course Tutor:

Sarah Nesling is a Craniosacral Therapist with over thirty years of experience working with people in a variety of settings. She has a first class degree in Psychology, trained as a Gestalt Psychotherapist and is a qualified teacher having taught communication skills, self awareness workshops, and for many years ran her own trainings in massage, anatomy and physiology. She was the Co-ordinator of CTET's Living Anatomy course, co-ordinates a Mother and Baby Clinic in London, and teaches on the Trust's Craniosacral Therapy practitioner training. She has qualified as a Feldenkrais teacher and is passionate about bringing her anatomical knowledge to life in the felt sense of the body as a means of healing and especially interested in how our emotional and psychological world affect our health. Students can enjoy a wealth of clinical experience and a relaxed non-hierarchical approach to teaching.

Venue and Times:

Skylight Centre, 49 Corsica Street, London N5 1JT
Nearest station: Highbury and Islington (Victoria Line and Mainline)
From 9.30am - 6.00pm each day, finishing at 5.00pm on the last day


£420 if the payment is received before 24th August 2020, or £440 if payment is received after this date. All fees are non-refundable. Please make cheques payable to CTET, or contact our administrator for our bank details to make a transfer.

For further details and to make a booking, please contact:

Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust
78 York Street
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